And I want to see

An overview of all the relationships the company is involved with via a dashboard. Enables the person to click through to the actual problems from the dashboard.

Trying to decided on a solution


So that I can

Enables one to discharge their duties and ensure they support staff and the teams to try to avoid issues and matters becoming problems.

Make a recommendation to build the business case.


And I want to

See a dashboard of how my contracts and relationships are performing and to be told by the system in real-time if part of the crowd source thinks a matter is not Green but Amber or Red.

Understanding of the system.


Update coming soon


Update coming soon


I want to

1 Get immediate access to clauses within my company’s contracts

2 Know and get alerts for key dates within my company’s contracts such as renewal dates, deadlines for notices and price reviews

3 Know contact details of all key stakeholders involved in the contract I am working on

4 Be able quickly to access a dashboard of key obligations and risk areas in a contract


So that

I can respond quickly to requests for legal advice on that contract

 I am not ambushed with requests to advice at the late minute or firefighting missed dates

I can quickly get in touch whilst working on a contract and assign and follow up quickly with the relevant stakeholder

I can provide a risk analysis and internal approvals matrix




And I want to have

Awareness of all the change controls that are in process and the costs associated and all the costs associated with claims and disputes.

Looking for system Management Information that warns of financial risks. Wanting to understand what the system can do


In order to

Forecast income and also set aside monies for claims and having an awareness of any matters that might need to be reported in the accounts.



Make a decision when presented with the business case


Update coming soon

Managing Director

And I want to see

How my people are performing the contracts the company is involved in both on the buy and sell side. 

Actually looking for a solution and reviewing the recommendation of junior staff

So that I can…

involve myself with these things I believe matter and have executive to executive discussions with suppliers or clients on issues identified.

PLC Board Member

And I want to…

To know how the contracts my organisation has are being performed. The issues and disputes that the organisation is subject to.

Risks and liabilities

I, therefore, have heard about Contract Toolkit and want to check it out.


So that I can…

Discharge my obligations and not suddenly discover that the company is at risk of going under such as Carillion.

Make a recommendation to colleagues to check it out.


And I want to

Understand how all the Projects are performing and any issues of a contractual nature or service that might need to be dealt with

Awareness of the system


So that I can

Ensure projects deliver to time and budget and if there are problems that we deal with immediately.

Awareness of the system

SRO in Government

And I want to…

Have overview of the Contracts I am responsible for and that the contracts are being performed and the issues and risks are flagged in real time on a dashboard to me.

Looking for guidance and information on what I should do. So a user of the Blogs


So that I can…

Report to Parliament, the Minister and the Permanent Secretary on how the projects/contracts I am responsible are being performed.

Decide how to do my role.


And I want to

To see the same information as my opposite colleague and therefore we can resolve hopefully Andy issues identified by the crowd source team members.

Understand the system the client is asking me to use.

So that I can

Ensure issues are managed quickly and before they become disputes.


And I want to

See how the relationship between the parties is working and that we are meeting our obligations and if we are not why. 

So that I can

Ensure we delight the Customers and if there is a problem I can intervene for example to pick up the phone and ring my opposite number and promise we are on the case to resolve the issue.


Update coming soon

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