Contract Audit

Audit in-flight contracts and stay ahead of a potentially negative report from internal or external auditors by identifying the areas that need urgent attention for yourself. Very useful when you have to take over a contract and need to know its status fast.

A ‘mobile-first’ app, it’s designed for use in the field and it makes the most of native iPad functionality and the ability to run Filemaker Go. Audit data will be securely stored in the Claris cloud from where the app is hosted.

There’s a simple iPad interface to guide users through quantitative and qualitative questions, with indicators of good practice and guidance on what evidence to seek at each step of the way. Take a photo of the evidence and attach it to the answer to support the evaluation. Photos will be pulled through to the eventual report.

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through the questionnaire or allow the app to progress in a simple sequence that will propose all questions for answer.

You can use the pre-installed questionnaire, supplied as part of the app, or build your own for specific domains or channels.

The assessment report is available at a click and provides simple analytics on the whole contract as well as space to write your own executive summary. Each question and response is included, along with the evidence that was collected.

The report can easily be shared for review with peers or senior managers such as Senior Responsible Owners (SROs) as defined in paragraph 3.1.2 of the Infrastructure and Projects Authorities Guidance on “The Role of the Senior Responsible Owner”. Contract Audit will make compliance with these requirements much simpler.

Accounting officers will be able to review and benchmark multiple contracts relatively easily, identifying underperformance trends for action

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